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What Can Cause Your Eyelashes To Fall Out?

Like all hairs on the body, customized 3d silk lashes can sustain damage that results from health issues or environmental factors. Eyelashes also shed, both as a result of the natural cycle of growth or because they have become weakened and damaged.Eizeh

customized 3d silk lashes
customized 3d silk lashes

Most damage to the eyelashes is caused by using too many cosmetics or cosmetic utensils on a regular basis. For example, eyelash curlers can be especially damaging to the fragile eyelash hairs because they tend to yank the hair at the root, which weakens it over time. Using an eyelash curler once in a while shouldn’t cause major damage, but using it often can weaken the hair to the point that it falls out.

Overuse of mascara can also cause the lashes to weaken and fall out. Mascara is heavy on the customized 3d silk lashes and can weigh them down. It’s also very sticky and difficult to remove, so at least a little residue remains on the lashes even after meticulous washing. Many women opt for waterproof mascara, which is even more challenging to remove completely without scrubbing.

Those who suffer from allergies, such as hay fever, tend to rub their eyes frequently, which cause damage to the lashes. When your eyes are constantly dry and itchy, you’re far more prone to roughly manhandling them just to feel a moment of relief. Chronic fatigue is another culprit, since many people rub their eyes when they are tired.

Certain medical conditions can cause thinning or loss of eyelashes. The most common include:

    • Madarosis: a condition that causes loss of customized 3d silk lashes either as a genetic condition or as a secondary effect from infection or cancer.
    • Blephartis: a condition characterized by irritation of part of the eye where the eyelashes connect lid. The condition causes flaky, itchy skin and, in many cases, eyelash loss.
    • Distichiasis: abnormal growth of lashes in places on the eyelid where you wouldn’t typically expect to find eyelashes. The condition can cause squinting and extreme irritation, which may lead to eyelash loss.
  • Trichiasis: More commonly referred to as ingrown customized 3d silk lashes, trichiasis can cause harm to the actual eyeball itself as well as extreme irritation to the lashes.

While none of these conditions should completely dash your hopes of having gorgeous customized 3d silk lashess, they do need to be evaluated by an eye doctor. In most cases, the irritation causes the most problems, because that is what makes you more likely to poke and prod at your eyes. The best thing you can do to help avoid eyelash loss is to keep your hands away from your face and your fingers out of your eyes. If the eyelash loss is a new symptom or your eyes feel irritated, follow up with a medical professional right away.

customized 3d silk lashes
customized 3d silk lashes

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