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4 Steps To Romantic Summer Makeup

What are your chances of a summer romance?Eizeh

eyelash exten
eyelash exten

You’d never know. Love bites you in the most unexpected way.

During your summer vacation, take care to look your best just in case your dream guy shows up.

So what are you packing for your summer vacaton?

Besides your favourite bikini and summer outfits, that is.

As for the makeup, go for the naturally pretty look and make it waterproof. The best summer makeup looks like you aren’t wearing makeup, yet you look gorgeous. Cheeks blush a pretty flush. Lips are kissably soft and pretty in pink, coral with maybe enough sheen to catch his eye. Like you bit and licked your lips. Eyes look unmadeup yet are framed with full, lush eyelash exten. As though you were born that way.

Maybe you were. But if not, you can always fake it. For a romantic beach beauty look here’s what you need.

1. Tinted moisturizer

Smooth on a tinted moisturizer onto your skin for coverage that is lighter than foundation and looks like your real skin. Only prettier.

2. Cream blush.

Get one in a pink or coral that you actually blush in. Rub that onto your cheeks where you normally blush naturally, for a pretty flush.

3. Brown eye pencil.

That is more natural than a black liner and it makes your eyelash exten look fuller. Apply along your lower eyelash exten vline and smudge so it looks natural.

4. Waterproof mascara

Get that mascara in black if your eyelash exten are black, brown if you have blonde eyelash exten. 1 coat gives your realistically lush and long lashes.

eyelash exten
eyelash exten

What else?


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