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5 Things I Wish My Mother Would Have Told Me About Make Up

I am a product of 1970 and did not even explore the world of Make-up until the early- mid 1980’s. It was the time of BIG hair and BLUE eye shadow. My aunt is the one who is mostly responsible for my eyelash weave  application techniques today but there are some things I had to learn on my own along the way and I want to pass them along to you.Eizeh

eyelash weave
eyelash weave

1. Blue Eye shadow generally does not look that great on people who have very light blue eyes. My eyes are small and very light blue and in some of the photos of my teen years I look like I do not have any eyelids because all you see is the little whites of my eyes and blue from my lower eyes all the way up to my eyebrows. Over 20 years later and I can honestly say I have not bought blue eye shadow since the 80’s. Oh and word to the wise.. if you are over 60 please read the next point in this blog…

2. Less is more. As you can see from the previous point I went a little overkill with the Blue Eye shadow and instead of trying to enhance the eyelash weave that I have I was more concerned about trying to cover what I don’t like and this can and usually does lead to a “caked on look”. I have since learned that when you put your make-up on with a heavy hand that all people notice is your make-up and not you. So go light and get noticed.

3. Do not pump your mascara brush in and out of the tube. This one point took me a long time to learn. I seemed to always go through mascara a lot faster than my friends yet we basically applied about the same number of times each day. It wasn’t that I was buying cheap mascara it is because for some reason someone along the way told me pump the brush in and out a couple of times and this action really did nothing more than dry my mascara out faster. It really does make a big difference believe it or not.

4. While we are on the topic of mascara I wish I had been told to use the tip of the mascara brush for lower lashes. I always held my brush horizontally for both my upper and lower lashed and I was very jealous of those whose eyelash weave really framed their eyes. The tip is to use the tip, of your brush that is. Hold your mascara wand up and down and run the tip of your mascara brush along your lower eyelash weave making sure to take it all the way across the eyelash weave line and I even use the tip on the inner and outer corner lashes which really frames the eyes and makes them pop.

5. Compliment your skin and features not your clothes and accessories! I used to do this!! I had every color of the rainbow in eye shadow so that I always had something to match the color I was wearing. I have since learned that just because you are wearing a dark green forest shirt does not mean your eye shadow has to match. And actually it never should. For my color eyes (light blue as mentioned before) and light skin tone I do very well with shades of lavenders, beiges and taupes. No matter what color I am wearing I know I cannot go wrong with the natural colors because you want to highlight your facial features not your shoes. I do have some more things I wish my mother or aunt had taught me but I would love to hear yours! Feel free to post what you wish you had found out about make-up when you first started wearing it.

eyelash weave
eyelash weave

Make-Up Tip for the day: Now that summer is here check your foundation and make sure it is still blending with your skin tone. If you tan in the summer (or use self tanners) you will want to go a shade (maybe even 2 depending on how dark you tan) darker than you normally wear. By doing this you will avoid the pasty look and keep that summer time glow.

Remember take time for yourself today!


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