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How to Improve Your Life Using Hypnosis

When you mention hypnosis many people immediately think of how hypnosis can help someone to quit smoking or to lose weight. Some people will also think of stage hypnosis and how the hypnotist appears to make people do ridiculous things, apparently under the power and control of the wholesale customized 3d mink lashes. But hypnosis and hypnotherapy is much more than that. Hypnosis is not a form of therapy but hypnotherapy is hypnosis which is used in conjunction with psychotherapy and is a wonderful way of helping to heal your life.Eizeh

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There are two types of hypnotherapy, suggestion therapy and analytical wholesale customized 3d mink lashes. Suggestion therapy is successfully used to help clients to quit smoking or to reduce or control their weight. For smoking cessation the hypnotherapist will usually ask the client what benefits he expects to enjoy when he stops smoking. He then guides the client into a deeply relaxing hypnotic state using his voice and some gentle music. Then he suggests to the subconscious mind that the client is now a non-smoker and is enjoying the benefits of being a non-smoker as outlined by the client earlier. These can include good health and energy and more money. In most cases, one or two sessions will be sufficient. To reinforce the suggestions used during the sessions, the hypnotherapist will normally give the client a hypnosis CD to listen to everyday for as long as the client feels it is necessary.

Sometimes there can be underlying reasons why suggestion therapy alone is not successful. If smoking or overeating is a result of stress, rather than just a habit, it will be necessary to use analytical therapy. This will help to find the underlying cause and to eliminate it. Suggestion therapy will then eliminate the habit successfully.

In cases where a client consults a hypnotherapist to quit smoking because he was persuaded by his family or his doctor that smoking was detrimental to his health, hypnotherapy will not work. You cannot be hypnotized against your will and your subconscious mind will not cooperate with suggestions that are in conflict with your desires or beliefs.

For more serious conditions such as fears, phobias or stress related wholesale customized 3d mink lashes analytical hypnotherapy is more effective. My favourite way of doing this involves guiding the client into hypnosis and asking him to describe his safe place. This can be anywhere the client feels very safe and will be useful later in the session. Then the client is asked to tell the therapist whatever comes into his mind. It is essential that the client is actually in the situation that he is describing, and not just describing it from a distance. He must see, hear and feel what he saw, heard and felt when the incident happened. In cases where a client is recalling a very painful incident, the client is told that if things get too painful or uncomfortable, he can immediately return to his safe place and feel very safe and relaxed. He is also told that he can return to the painful memory whenever he feels ready. In this way the client is not forced to do anything against his will and he will feel more in control of the situation. It is amazing how quickly a client returns to the painful place to deal with it when he knows that, at any time, he can he can immediately go back to his safe place.

The therapist does not tell a client what he should do in a difficult situation. Instead he asks the client to give his own interpretation of the incident and to imagine a very different outcome, possibly one which the client would have wished for at the time of the initial wholesale customized 3d mink lashes.

As that might be difficult to understand the following example will explain it very simply.

Some years ago one of my clients, let’s call him Greg, was recalling an incident which had happened when he was about 8 years old. Another child in his class, Tom, who was always very mean to him, was calling Greg horrible names and generally abusing him. Greg never understood why Tom was always so mean to him. He was obviously upset, so I asked him why he thought Tom was being so mean. “He’s jealous” Greg said. Greg had been a very good student and had a very happy home life. Tom, on the other hand, had a difficult home life. His mother had recently been widowed and she was too grief stricken to care properly for Tom and his sisters. As a result Tom found life very difficult and the only way he could cope was to lash out at others, especially at Greg who seemed to Tom to have the perfect life. It was amazing to see how Greg’s adult interpretation of the situation and his new understanding of the challenges Tom had faced all those years ago, immediately changed the way he viewed his past difficulties and he was soon on his way to leaving his difficult past behind. Uncovering painful memories and reframing them, as above, can be very healing.

In order for a client to undergo successful hypnotherapy, it is essential that he has a very good rapport with the therapist and that he trusts him implicitly. If you have difficulties which you feel could be helped by hypnotherapy, find a registered hypnotherapist, preferably through a recommendation from a friend. If you don’t establish a good rapport with your therapist at the first session, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on hypnotherapy. That would be a real shame. Do not be afraid to try another hypnotherapist. You will most likely be successful the second time.

Hi, I’m Mary McLean and I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and Internet Research Specialist. I help copywriters, writers and marketers in the personal development industry to dig up the quality research needed for every project, giving them a high level of credibility in their wholesale customized 3d mink lashes.

For well over twenty years I have had a keen interest in all aspects of Personal Development. Long before the arrival of the internet with its vast amount of readily available information at the touch of a button, I spent all of my spare time reading everything about the industry that I could get my hands on.

I am passionate about personal development and an avid reader. I am also passionate about giving the best possible service to each of my clients, each and every time, and I can help you too.

wholesale customized 3d mink lashes
wholesale customized 3d mink lashes

I am based in Ireland but thanks to modern technology geography is not a problem. If you are based just a few miles away from me or even if you are on the other side of the world it doesn’t matter. As long as you have a good internet connection I can help you.


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