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Healthy eyelashes begin with a healthy diet. Consuming healthy meals and maintaining proper levels of nutrition allows the body to operate efficiently. When this happens, eyelash growth and hair growth in general may occur more easily. Here are a few simple nutrition tips you can use to promote healthy eyelashes.Eizeh\

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#1 – Avoid severe calorie restriction. Calorie restriction can contribute to thinning of eyelashes. When we cut calories too low our body is not able to receive the vital nutrients needed to thrive. I recommend that you consume 3 to 5 balanced meals per day. This includes a protein source(see tip #2 for a list of protein), complex carbohydrates (ie: whole wheat pasta and oatmeal) and 16oz of water (or more). Most often we are restricting calories for weight reduction, yet if we focus on lean protein and complex carbohydrates we will make significant progress in reducing our weight.

#2 – Include a protein source with each meal. Protein deficiency can also contribute to the thinning of eyelashes. Protein provides the nutrients our bodies need to build and repair our tissues including key amino acids for increased brain function. Protein is an important building block for hair, bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood. Sources of protein include eggs, chicken, fish, turkey, soy, red meat, cheese, milk and whey protein powders.

#3 – Supplement your diet. Certain vitamins and minerals are needed for lashes to grow.

The most important ones are:

• Biotin
• Vitamin B6
• Folic Acid
• Sulfur
• Zinc
• Magnesium
• Silica
• Vitamin A

Taking a daily multivitamin/mineral will help.

#4 – Utilize Lash28 daily ( to provide necessary nutrients and conditioning that will promote growth of your lashes

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real mink eyelash for sale

Adhering to these simple nutrition tips daily will help you achieve long, thick, sexy lashes!

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Eyelash Enhancer – Discover the Best Way to Enhance Your Lashes

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of eyelash enhancer treatments, the first one is the one that you could find in salons and the second one is the natural enhancer that could be applied even in the comfort of your own home.Eizeh

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real mink eyelash for sale

Artificial or semi permanent eyelash enhancement usually costs around $250 to $300 at most. While their effects may be spectacular, specially for grand occasions, they are only temporary and if done incorrectly, could just lead to further eyelash damage. The second form of enhancement not only has a more permanent effect, it is also natural. Therefore, it does not damage your lashes as the artificial treatments do.

A natural enhancer usually comes in the form of an herbal solution wherein you apply a liquid at the base of the eyelash. This specialized treatment has been clinically tested and proven to enhance the growth of eyelashes using the stimulating power of Mother Nature. Herbs are well known for their regenerative as well as nourishing capabilities, therefore results are guaranteed for most products that have been tested.

One of the major advantages of a natural eyelash enhancer is that they are not conducive irritants. Synthetic solutions have the terrible reputation of causing irritation to people’s eyes. This is counter intuitive since once irritation sets in, rubbing usually follows. Once rubbing occur, eyelashes tend to shed. They are, after all, just hair found at the ends of your eyelids.

The thing that sets artificial enhancers from natural ones are the components. A lot of natural herbal solutions feature herbs that are known as phyto-estrogens – or plant hormones similar to human hormones that assist in growth. Other naturally derived components such as honey extract, acts as a conditioner and moisturizer. You may in a way, think of them as your regular hair conditioners but for eyelashes.

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real mink eyelash for sale

The best eyelash enhancer is a natural one and the numbers clearly show that more people are looking into natural alternatives that could help make their eyelashes fuller, blacker, thicker and longer. The choice to be made is really an easy one: synthetic, expensive and dangerous or natural, affordable and effective?


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